Want to see some eye-candies back home between your adventures?
Have many skimpy armor mods but hate the wooden mannequins?
Enjoy watching hot cat-fights in arena, or fight them youself?
You have found the perfect mod for all these and more!

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Show us what you can do inside this sexy player home

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Enhance your Skyrim experience with
Hotter Skyrim,
my NPC makeover mod with 60,000+ downloads & 400+ endorsements

Full function player home to store, sell, craft, enchant etc

  • Arena, bathing suite, mannequin room, club, storage & more
  • 67 beauties living inside bathing, dancing, waiting for you in bed...
  • Watch half-naked amazons fight each other, or fight them yourself
  • 62 exquisite Lydia-clone mannequins for armor display
  • Optional dungeon to imprison, torture and execute victims

  • Easy version: Removed minions and ex-champion. All doors unlocked by default
  • Mild version: Removed dungeon (no torture, blood or exection). Removed minions and ex-champion. All doors unlocked by default
What's new in 1.4.0 Full (Apr 28, 2012):

  • Added a room with 48 Lydia mannequins
  • Added more NPC to living area and dungeon
  • Numerous tweaks, improvement and bugfixes around the Lair
  • Update Hotter Skyrim to 2.5.0 for best result
Previous version is 1.3.2 (Apr 19, 2012)



  • Q: Where is Evil Lair and how to get there?
  • A: Northwest of Riverwood. Fast travel to Riverwood, turn left and cross the river. Lair entrance should be on your left. See map in images tab.
  • Q: How to unlock the gates first time inside?
  • A: Upon entry, pick up the book on the pedestal to open the door to the main hall. After that, in full version player can acquire the master key by defeating and looting Lord Hydra's ex-champion.
  • Q: How to reset arena fights and beheading scene?
  • A: Wait for the battle in arena is over, or the executionee is dead, pull the lever again to reset. Game might crash if you pull the lever mid-fight/execution.
  • Q: Couldn't find Evil Lair? Game crashes or freezes when loading in?
  • A: Skyrim launcher -> Data files -> make sure "Evil Lair of Hydra.esm" is listed, ticked and highest possible in the queue. If it's not there you'll need to install manually by unzipping the files to skyrim/data folder. If problem persists, try disabling some of your potentially conflicting mods.
  • Q: Lost stored & displayed stuff after update?
  • A: Download an old version in the old file archives, load up Skyrim and retrieve your stuff. After that, save your game and exit Skyrim to update back to the newer version.
  • Q: Why do NPC look different fom screenshots?
  • A: All NPC in the Lair are clones of in-game vanillas. Use makeover mods such as my Hotter Skyrim and nude body mods to change their appearances. This mod does NOT alter anything of your vanilla NPC.
  • Q: Don't like the kinky and extreme contents such as torture and execution? Can't beat Hydra's minions and ex-champion?
  • A: Mild version available with the dungeon area removed. You can always lower battle difficulty in-game. There is also an easy version without enemies.
  • Q: What if I still need all these NPC for normal gaming?
  • A: They are clones of your real NPC and will not affect your gameplay.
  • Q: Can I use *** body/face/hair/animation mod?
  • A: Yes to all.


  • Bethesda Softworks, LLC for making Skyrim
  • @fg109 for customized scripting in reseting arena and beheading scenes
  • @macadamstreet @Stitchnexus for support, bug reports and suggestions
  • Last but not least, the dudes running Nexus. You guys are awesome

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