STEP 1 of 2: Install the textures file.
STEP 2 of 2: Install the meshes for your selected female body type and the latest version of the AOM.esp file. Select the "NO" button when prompted. This will allow you to to update normally. If you select the "YES" button, NMM will uninstall all of the textures.

WHEN UPDATING: Uninstall all old AOM files first (especially the ARTOFMAGIC.esp).


The Art of Magicka (AOM) is an artwork and item expansion for Skyrim mages. But it is more than that. Combined with any magicka overhaul, AOM will help to reinvent the Skyrim mage experience by adding a dye system, powerful unlockable gear and over 600 craftable items (most of which are entirely new).

Pigments (dyes) and colored linens are crafted at the Font of Transmutation. Some crafting materials are easy to find but some will require you to kill difficult enemies (or find them on a merchant). Dyed linens are required to make the robes. You can craft them from ancient linens and pigments at a cookpot.

Part of the goal of this mod is to reward players for playing pure mages. As you learn new mage perks you will unlock the ability to craft more powerful items. Some of these items are quite powerful but none of them are "god items" and those that are powerful require dedication to magicka.

All of the new crafting stations can be found in Dragonsreach and in the Archmage quarters (more locations are coming). Any items that have soul gems as an ingredient, call for filled soul gems. Most of the new items are craftable by any character. The most powerful and unique ones are not.

Font of Imbuement

Font of Spellcraft

Font of Transmutation
Crafting Materials

Nearby each set of crafting stations you will find a merchant that will sell a few AOM items, including crafting materials.

For female bodies to work correctly, this file requires either
Dimon99's UNP or Caliente's CBBE3.

Low Res Textures by sparrowjuice
ADEC version by gameLvr85
Czech translation by Azarian
Russian translation at Modgames.net
Polish Translation on RapidShare

The most common cause of crashes is improper installation. It is very important that when installing PART 2 of 2, you select the "NO" button on the pop-up box that appears asking you if you want to uninstall all other version of AOM. Doing this will uninstall PART 1 of 2 and your game will crash.

If you are updating either uninstall the old version of AOM prior to installing the new one or select the "YES" button on the pop-up box that appears asking you if you want to uninstall all other version of AOM.

Also make sure that you have both AOM.esm and AOM.esp activated in NMM or the data files section of the Skyrim launcher and that the old ARTOFMAGIC.esp has been deactivated. Some other things that may cause problems are edited .ini files, out of date graphics drivers or old versions of Skyrim. If you have trouble running AOM please try the low rez texture pack.

* The inventory previews are messed up for many items. I haven't figured out how to create good GO files for myself yet. I will do it within the next couple of months.
* The first person view of the long gloves does not work. I haven't been able to figure out why they are not working. All attempts to fix them have failed. I will have to make a new mesh for each pair of gloves. This may be a part of version eight.
* The beast race hoods are not working right now. I've started working on converting them and they will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
* The 1st person view for the elegant nocturnal robes shows bare arms. The 1st person view that I was using before was causing CTDs. I will fix it.
* Ghost robes randomly show neck seams. I have struggled to get this to stop. It is a persistent and completely random glitch that I have no explanation for. The only way to fix it is to change the nif file the model uses in the CK by renaming it. This takes about an hour every time I have to do it. I will try to keep fixing it but I can't make any promises. If you get neck seams just let me know. I'll fix it when I can.

3.2) FAQ

"Is AOM an item replacer?"
Yes and no. Most of the items in AOM are stand-alone. Nocturnal's clothes, Psiijic robes, Dark Brotherhood robes and necromancer robes have been replaced. AOM will eventually replace most of the robes in the game though. Version eight will include a Thalmor robe replacer and consecutive versions will add more replacers. These replacers will use the default game meshes and only replace the textures - and absolutely nothing else.

"Does this mod edit a lot of stuff? Is it invasive?"
AOM does not alter any vendor inventories. It does not alter any leveled lists. Three small fonts have been added to Dragonsreach and the Archmage Quarters. There should be limited interference with other mods that use that worldspace. Vendors have been added; one to Dragonsreach and one to Hall of Countenance. They are a part of their own factions and should coexist with other mods that add or edit NPCs without any problems. The greatest potential for conflicts is when using mods that alter the necromancer robes, Dark Brotherhood robes, Psiijic robes or Nocturnal's clothes. Loading the AOM.esp after other files that mod them should resolve any issues.

"What perks have been altered?"
AOM does not alter any perks - it simply requires already existing perks to unlock some items. If you use a mod that removes or renames some of these perks the worst possible outcome is that you simply won't have access to an item.

"What perks do I need to craft each item?"
I would prefer not to say. And please do not post your findings in the discussion thread. I will tell you that the perks make sense. Bard armor requires bardic perks. Thief armor requires thief skills. Restoration robes require a great deal of devotion to restoration. If you are seriously interested, you can open the CK and see the requirements.

"Will you make this file compatible with ____ body?"
No. I can't support every body mesh, Kalell does all of the mesh work and he has enough as it is. If anybody else would like to create a conversion, they are more than welcome to.
gameLvr85 has created an ADEC version.

"What happened to the CBBE version?"
Due to a high number of reported problems that are aonly appearing on CBBE items, I am temporarily halting development of AOM for CBBE. Once I have completed version 8.0 I may go back and try to come up with a new CBBE version. At this point it appears that it will diverge from the UNP version. Most likely this just means that it will contain fewer items compared to the UNP versions. Where possible and appropriate (such as with underwear) I will create alternative textures and meshes. Problems that have been reported (such as vanishing body parts) but that I have not been able to replicate will not be addressed simply because I have no way of knowing what is causing them.

"Why are your textures so large?"
Because I like the vastly improved level of detail afforded by 4096 textures. If you can't tell the difference between 4096 and 2048 textures or don't want to blow so much computing power on such large textures please use
Art of Magicka Low Res Textures by sparrowjuice.

"Why don't you show images of every item?"
Because that would be a lot of pictures and it is often more fun to discover them for yourself anyway. There are enough pictures that you should be able to get an idea of what AOM does.

"What craftable items are included in AOM?"
The current working version of AOM includes...

160 Nocturnal robes
61 tomes
60 Psiijic robes
60 scrolls
46 staves
42 cloaks
34 underwear
27 new crafting materials
21 cloth boots
21 cloth gloves
20 skirts
19 dresses
16 amulets
16 tops
11 hoodless masks
10 corsets
10 leather armors
8 magical gems
6 leather gloves
6 bags of holding
5 circlets
4 leather boots
4 piercings
3 chokers
3 rings
2 weapons
1 armband

"Where is the AOM chest?"
It's gone. It was there for testing purposes and it won't be returning.

"Why is pigment so hard to make?"
Just like in real medieval times, creating colored fabrics is a difficult process. You can purchase linen wraps and pigment from AOM merchants.

"Where do I get linen wraps?"
They are scattered around most dungeons.

"Where do I get elegant patterns?"
They can be purchased from AOM vendors.

"Why do the Vaermina robes require Vaermina robes to craft?"
Default Vaermina's robes already exist within the game but use a crappy mesh and texture. They are dropped by Vaermina monks. Note that there is a very limited number of them.

"Can I convert this to _____ language?"
Yes. You do not have to get my permission to translate this mod. If you do, send me a link and I will post it here.
Czech translation by Azarian
Russian translation at Modgames.net
Polish Translation on RapidShare

"Will you make an item into a stand-alone mod?"
No. I want this to be an overhaul for mages. You are of course free to make your own stand-alone mods based on anything here so long as you do not upload them for others.

"Will you please make items less revealing?"
I do not own 3DSMax, nor do I have the knowledge to use it. Kalell knows enough to be able to convert some of the outfits but he works on other projects as well and doesn't have time to edit all of the meshes. That said, more outfits - including less revealing outfits - will be created.

"Can I use parts of this mod for my mod?"
Ask me. My answer is almost always going to be yes. So long as you aren't just making it into a stand-alone item set from an item.

Thank you to...

Bethesda (for the wonderful game)
Kalell (for the many UNP, UNP Skinny and CBBE3 meshes)
Fixs (for the hoods with hair)
CD Projekt Red (for freely sharing your
Triss Outfit and other Witcher 2 Models)
The Nexus (for hosting The Art of Magicka)
Fraper (for importing the
Triss Outfit For TES V)
Zackdip (for the use of
Psiijic Re-Skin several versions by Gyo)
Backsteppo (for the use of
Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit and the Dragon Quest 3 Sage Outfit )
crazyjoe2k (for the
Mystical Fountains)
Telthalion (for allowing me to incorporate the excellent
Elegant Nocturnal Robes)
L0rd0fWar (for importing
The Witcher 2 Models)
Jammer (for freely sharing his
Body Piercings with Collar and Wrist Shackles)
KURESE (for the use of
R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set)
PrivateEye (for allowing me to include his imported
Ashland Amulets and Bipolar Blade)
MightionNY (for the persistant beta-testing)


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